Style, Christopher Kane, Glossy Box and Birchbox.

An action packed blog post this evening. 
Some weeks ago I received an email in my uni account asking if I would like to go to see Style in Conversation with Christopher Kane, a little research ensued because you know I am a country mouse and don’t know who anyone is and then thought, why yes I would and promptly paid my monies over for a half price ticket and set about finding the hotel we were meeting at.  Fortunately for me the Rosewood Hotel was easy enough to find, I was blown away by the grandeur of it, there were coach and horses outside when I went to look and somehow it didn’t look like a wedding party.  I made sure to wear my best bib and tucker and party shoes and set off into the night, having had a small ‘what the heck am I going to wear’ moment on facebook. 
It was fine, the complimentary wine helped and everyone was so friendly as we were ushered into a room dripping with crystal chandeliers and carpet so thick and deep I’ve known thinner mattresses.  This hotel is brand spanking new and to say it sparkles is an understatement, it has a lively bar at the front of the hotel so if you happen to be in this neck of the woods, I’d pop in for a swift one, you won’t be disappointed. 
Getting back to the moment in hand, it was a lovely evening listening to Christopher Kane’s time at Central St Martins and his journey to success but it was all too soon over.  One lucky member of the audience discovered a sticker under their chair which gave them the sum of £1500 to spend on Net-A-Porter goodies, it was quite amusing when the lady next to me, ripped the label from underneath her chair (with considerable force)  to discover it was just the tag from the fabric, not the elusive hidden sticker, we both had a giggle at that. 
And on the way out we got goodies.
 A parker pen, notebook, style magazine and project bag. I gave these to my Dad, he loved them. He’s just about to go into hospital again so I suspect he’ll be waving the Sunday Times Parker Pen under the consultants nose – he has that sort of humour.
And a box full of goodies,  
 from Glossybox.  Strangely I’d been reading about Glossy box the previous evening and had thought I would like to try them. 
 This was the luxury limited edition and it was jolly good fun opening it. 
 A lovely card explaining it all.
And inside I received some beautiful items.  Sadly the two items that were full sized were to do with hair, they would have amounted to £50.00 for the pair in the shops, so Mum has those and I get to play with the perfum, bath salts, sun protection and anti aging daily serum.  The bath salts are currently gently perfuming my bedroom, they smell divine. 
 But in the interest of fairness I thought I would try a Birchbox.  (that and that one hit had meant instant addiction, I’ll never be the same)
 And that was good fun too.
 Again there was a hair product, (Mum’s going to be trying alot of new hair products I feel this year) a full sized lipstick, full sized nail varnish and glitter, good sized trial sizes of body creme souffle, a face masque, hair tie and parcel labels.  Which I thought was cracking for £10.00 plus p & p.
Both Glossybox and Birchbox have very interesting web sites, I thought I would try one for six months and then the other and see how I feel after that. 
And you might think, why are you doing this you old duffer. Well, its fun, I’m in the middle of London with all of these brands surrounding me and this is an inexpensive way of trying new items, but best of all, its like Christmas and birthday presents your best friends gave to you who know you really well all rolled into one.
 So I tried the Nail Rock and glitter, and this gives you the best idea as to how it actually looks. My fingernails are like little sparklers lighting up the room, red glitter at Christmas, whats not to love.
The lipstick is pretty, very smooth and smells delicious and the rest I have yet to try. 

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