Setting the Creases.

There are still many hours of work to do on my first pair of tailored trousers but I have reached the stage of setting the creases.  I am working with a lovely worsted flannel wool and it has been a lovely experience, it handles well, does what you want it to do without flying into an outrageous fit and shredding itself every time you pick it up. 
 As you can see I am using a slant pocket (with a double jet on the back) and the waistband is to go on next.  Every part of these trousers has been hand stitched at least once, if not more than once, even the long seams have been basted, as there is inlay put into them should the trousers need to be adjusted.  It is very tricky to get the correct line without basting and I only want to sew the long seams once.  You can see all the mark stitching in the picture where I have hit the mark with my trusty sewing machine. 
The waistband is going to be a DAK waistband, I am studying their trends at the moment so thought it would be nice for hubby to have a waistband thought up by them to go with his DAK coat. (which we bought many moons ago from a vintage clothes store in Birmingham, £700.00 wool winters coat, hardly worn for £25.00, Yes please!) 
I’ve altered the sizing of these trousers to hopefully fit, there was no time to toille. I don’t think the jacket that will be made next will fit which will be a little sad,  hubby being a chap with a big chest cavity and manly shoulders, but at the moment its all about learning how to do things.  Not getting lost in the whys and wherefores of what makes a good fit and why the ‘eck doesn’t this fit, there will be plenty of time for that.
 The fly is coming together, there is still some handwork to do on that.
 And the seams are lightly set, I am not setting them firmly until hubby has them on and I can see how they fall on his leg, but the beauty of the trouser is starting to come through.
And here you can see my very fine double jets on the back. 

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