Pancake day – 3 courses (well almost!)

I’ve been working hard for the last few days (hand ins over the next two weeks) and having woke up late decided that yes, it would be fun to take part of Shrove Tuesday.
When I first left home when I was just 17, I was extremely poor  and what money I did have spare was spent on clothes and nightclubs. Pancakes were a fun and cheap part of my everyday diet, the batter being made from egg, milk and flour (what do they put in the powdered pancake mixes!)  one could stretch some left over chilli con carne, or just add a little cheese and you had a savoury treat that was comforting and then leftover mix was yummy with lemon and sugar.  I’ve always been a lemon and sugar kind of girl but have been known to slide onto the slippery slope of Lyles Golden Syrup.
Thankfully the corner shop at the end of the street (in either direction from the house! – we have two corner shops!) is a London corner shop and sells wonderful things like fresh coriander and fresh parsley, ginger, lemons and other temptations…   <—- Nutella.
 Like most students I don’t have a full compliment of kitchenware, so this pan stands in for a mixing bowl.
 First pancake out of the pan, (you must heat the pan well to get the first one right)
 And some left over chicken curry with a trail of mango chutney makes a very tasty supper.
 This is the first time with Nutella, the boys always eat it, by the spoonful and I try to steer clear, but hey, studying does that to a girl, so one very big dollop of Nutella later
served on a plate with a lemon and caster sugar version and I am a happy girl. 
A very happy girl. 

2 thoughts on “Pancake day – 3 courses (well almost!)

  1. amelia says:

    I'm with you, lemon and sugar only for me. In this country the pancakes are sweet and I don't like them at all. What I (and you) make are known only as crepes.


  2. Carie says:

    Mmm they look good! We didn't manage anything on shrove Tuesday itself but we did end up having a late night pancake party on Wednesday because the boy and I were feeling hungry! Maple syrup or lemon and sugar all the way for us!


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