Mothers Day’s Nails.

Firstly, apologies about the delay in writing to you.  Things have been a tad busy here, more of which in future posts.  I must also apologise for the state of the blog.  Urrrm, well, I got something fundamentally wrong with my hosting company, I thought what was going to be a yearly charge was monthly, and so after I’d realised that I wouldn’t be food shopping until the end of April, I made contact with them and managed to cancel the account, although I did lose twenty dollars which rather annoyed me, half a weeks food at the moment, but you live and learn.  And those blog posts, the text has been copied and slowly I’ll filter them in again and you’ll have to pretend you’ve never seen them and leave me lovely comments, because I didn’t save the comments and I’ll miss that part of it all the most. 


Hopefully I’ll get time to sort out this blog a bit as well, but I can’t see it happening anytime soonish, so you’ll have to give me a bit of leeway on that, but the important thing is, I’m back in the room !


I thought I would share some jazzy mother’s days nails with you.


When asked, I tell people they are my Mothers Days nails, colours chosen by my son and quickly gloss over that he is a big hair twenty two year old and this took place whilst chatting over video link, rather than him sat on my knee as an adorable five year old.  It was amusing, he made me change the colours, twice, as I’d got the colours wrong!   I haven’t had too many important meetings since I’ve painted them, although every time I’ve stopped and spoken to someone they’ve immediately commented on how lovely they are, which has tickled me . 


Till the next time.

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