Easter 2014.

For one reason and another hubby and I have been out of sorts of late, which might go someways to explain the delay in blog posts.  Its been weeks since we have been out and about,  but as Easter was here we decided we really must make the effort.

ImageOn Saturday we decided to go to our favourite garden centre to stroll around and admire all of the beautiful plants they have.

ImageWe bought a few geraniums to furnish some pots , (although ours are in red, I just forgot to photograph those!)

Imageand we fell in love with these – very architectural.

ImageAnd then later after the lawn mowing and planting and tidying we had our first barbeque of the season,  a leg of lamb which I butterflied and marinaded with garlic, spring onions, fresh coriander, mint and lemon – it was delicious, served with salad and minted new potatoes,  with plenty left for the rest of the bank holiday.

Sunday arrived and with it the bank holiday rain, so we took ourselves off to the V & A to see a couple of exhibitions I had been meaning to see.  And on the way out we spied an exhibition of butterflies, and promptly joined the queue.

ImageAnd were met with dancing, fluttering splodges of colour pirouetting around their beautiful garden.


Breathtakingly beautiful.


And very amusing, when one alighted for a rest on my nose.


Hubby was tickled pink by their activities too.

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