London Fields.

I can’t believe I am heading swiftly towards the close of my first academic year at University.  I know the pace is hotting up and my adrenaline is starting to surge.  I am constantly thinking about what I need to do, so to that end I am trying to go swimming a couple of times a week just to give me a physical and mental break.   So one day last week when I was half an hour early to class and in need of some toast and coffee having been up since 5.30 a.m. (that was the adrenaline) and been swimming for an hour,  I was looking around for a cafe and realised what treats there were if you simply turn left instead of right when exiting the train station.  Lovely little cafe’s tucked underneath the arches, so cute.  (I’d often wondered what the smell of savoury meals and pasties was when I trotted through at 9.00 a.m.)   Now its summer all of the tables and chairs are coming out, so this is what gave the game away.



I found a little cafe and had some lovely sour dough toast, home made marmalade and good coffee, which was a brilliant treat. 


And it was such lovely bread I asked where it had come from.


I was directed to two doors down… e5bakehouse  An absolute find. There were about six or seven chefs in the back, dressed in whites, busy hand making bread as I bought my loaf of Hackney Wild, a crusty loaf with a wonderful taste made with a mix of organic unbleached white flour, organic stoneground wholemeal and organic rye flour.  It takes a while, living on your own, but I eat every mouthful and those commercial loaves that are sat in my freezer for emergencies – you know the type, a bread emergency! – really look and taste very sad in comparison.


And they do delicious looking cakes,  which call to me whilst I wait to pay, so far I have resisted their siren call.


If you happen to be around London Fields, hunt them down, your worth it.

One thought on “London Fields.

  1. cariemay says:

    Oh that bread just looks amazing – what a find! Fingers crossed that all the crazy end of academic year goes smoothly and you get a good break over the summer!


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