Schools out for summer! and a new house guest.

Well last term was very intense.  The last few weeks have been one where I have been working pretty much all of the time, but I did get everything done which was the main thing. Lets hope the marks reflect the effort involved eh!   And at some stage I will show you a few pics of the jacket, I am still in recovery mode, I am just coming out of resting mode, I’ve been wiped out for the last four days since finishing and am slowly finding my energy levels coming back up, – although for two pins I would climb back into bed as we speak.

But I have more pressing matters to share with you.

I need to introduce you to my new house guest.

Meet Toile – said in a heavy French accent.

She came to join me last Thursday and has been the most adorable constant companion I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

ImageHer first evening, see how tiny she is at nine weeks.

ImageHowever she soon found my lap and we have barely been parted since.  Can you see her ginger tabby just waiting to spring out from her tortoiseshell coat.  It is quite amazing her colouring, I see something new in her coat nearly every day.

ImageAnd according to her Vet, Tortie’s have attitude, I can honestly say I have never before met such a confident kitten.  Her nose pokes into anything that is happening, whether it is supper or sewing. Image


And you can imagine the games we had trying to lay this tissue paper pattern out. It was a wonder it was still in one piece.


Image She loves a cuddle, which is good, because I love to cuddle cats and they make the perfect companion when resting or knitting or simply catching up on a spot of tele. Image

And more than anything else, the love shines out of her for me.  Already there is a Toile shaped lump in my heart.  She is completely adorable and we are wrapped around her tiny paws awaiting her bidding as and when she desires.

One thought on “Schools out for summer! and a new house guest.

  1. Jenny says:

    She is the most adorable little kitty ever! I can’t imagine how you managed to lay out tissue paper with her around!
    I can barely pick up knitting needles without being accosted by three kitties. My needles and yarn, nothing is sacred with them around.
    Toile is perfect.


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