The Jacket.

‘ll just give you a snapshot of the jacket I made this term.   I am starting half way through, the photographs before this are a little bit boring and there are huge technical swathes of photographs for my technical file on how to go about performing various tasks but these are taken from the point of having completed the pockets and welts, pad stitching the canvas and we are just about to get it all basted in and perform a myriad of tasks.

ImageImageAll basted in, lining basted into place and internal pocket made.

ImageImageSorting out the armscye.

ImageStarting to attach the pad stitched collar.

ImageImageThe various layers involved in the shoulder.

ImageOne nearly completed jacket.  I just had to stab stitch the edges to finish before removing the basting thread.  (I didn’t manage to take a photograph of it fully completed on the stand)

Image10 weeks work, Done.

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