I don’t normally write about my results.  My family (as I like to call them) on facebook know all about the trails and tribulations that I have faced this year and the hard work, blood, sweat and real tears that have stained my cheeks on more than one occasion.   Its hard being the only fat, bald, old kid in the class and there have been times where it has been very lonely.  But I’ve had some great people giving me some real, constructive support, who have taken the time to think of and type out reams of ideas and support to nurture my emotional vulnerable state of mind.  I just want to thank them, their support was so valuable to me, my family on facebook, I know I put you through the mill, but you really came through for me.  Thank you.

And also, I’d also like to thank Hubby and our boys, without which I wouldn’t be here today.  Thank you my beautiful boys, I know I am a grumpy old cow, but I love you all very much.

And last but by no means least thank you to my Mum and Dad, they don’t always completely understand my mid life crisis, but they are rooting for me and are deeply proud.

Ratification came in a few weeks ago for the last term and I know I haven’t said anything online as to my results, mainly because of my council kid mentality combined with keeping your head down and a substantial measure of embarrassment ?!   I am not sure what it is, but I know I don’t want it to feel like I am coming across as a gloat.   But do you know what I am going to do, I am going to share.  The first two terms were a combination of me coming joint second or joint third in the class and my results were a combination of  B’s and B+s, so I was thinking maybe I will come third this last term.  When the results came through they blew me away, joint First.  YaY.  *bounces*   Unfortunately the results aren’t carried over to next year, and I know that ideas can elude you and it can all go pear shaped extremely quickly, but its still a great feeling.

And then Mum and Dad sent me this, which sums it up perfectly and made me leak. card 1

It has been an amazing journey, I’m looking forward to next year.

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