Solero mugging.

Or as to how a tiny dot of a cat can pester, pester, pester until I give in to her needs because she’s managed at least two licks and starting to get very determined.  We’ve never owned a cat with a sweet tooth before, the other day she was mugging me for some fudge that son no.2 had made and sent to me, she ate three cat sized pieces and would have eaten much more.   solero 1 Solero 2 Solero 3 solero 4 solero 5 solero 6 solero 7 solero 9 solero 10



One thought on “Solero mugging.

  1. Jenny says:

    Bless her little heart! I wondered what a Solero was the other day when you mentioned it on FB! Now I know!
    I think you’d have to have the hardest of hearts to refuse her!


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