Flavoursome Friday – Barbecue Pork Rice Balls.

Hubby and I seem to be living in a bit of a pork fest at the moment.  Tales of beautifully cooked shoulders of pork, cooked for upwards of five hours that melt in the mouth with the crunchiest of crackling abound from Warwickshire.   Although when asked if leftovers could be brought to London the phone seems to go quiet and the direction of the conversation is swiftly changed.

So I have had to cook my own or otherwise be left in a state of constant desire for sticky porky loveliness. Pork 1

These are the left overs, I bought the biggest shoulder I could find, if your going to have the oven on for that long, you might as well make full use of it and have the basis for more meals.  I would have preferred it on the bone, but the Chinese supermarket had sold out and the big supermarkets in the UK seem to think we all want boneless items that are easy to carve.

I would have shown you the dinner, but we ate it very quickly, it was delicious.   Sticky dark amber roast potatoes, slightly bitter savoy cabbage, young carrots and a few spears of purple sprouting, it was everything it could have ever been and the gravy, oh the gravy, it was magnificent. Pork 2

So I cut a few slices of pork off and chopped them up finely, added some Jamaican Jerk barbecue sauce which was very tasty and chopped up a few sprigs of coriander and mixed them up.  I’d cooked some Thai rice off which had gone cold, slightly stickier than a Basmati, I probably could have done better with a Japanese sticky rice, but it all worked fine.  Making sure to wet my hands to stop it all from sticking I made some rice balls stuffed with the barbecue pork. Pork 3

And then left them to chill in the fridge for an hour. Pork 4

Next I pan fried them for a few minutes until they were crunchy on the outside and then finished them in the microwave – I didn’t want them to burn but wanted the filling hot and sticky.  You might call it slow food with a quick finish!   And of course, they were gorgeous.

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