We took a trip along the coast last weekend, firstly stopping at Southend.

southend oneThe longest pier in the country, it even has it’s own train to get to the end.southend nine

I played on the 2p shoves.  I do love these, I’ll always love them.   southend two

We trundled along to Leigh-on-Sea and ate the best cockles I’ve ever had, but the wind was fierce and soon we went home.

The next day we came back to explore Westcliffe-on-Sea and Thorpe Bay

southend four

It was lovelysouthend threesouthend seven

and peaceful and definitely not London or landlocked Warwickshire. southend five

I taught hubby about the wonders of seaglass and once explained he was off like a rocket picking up pieces as he walked, although once I’d got my eye in, I was able to keep up.   You should have seen how pleased he was with himself when he handed me the tiny blue piece of sand worn glass.  southend eight

And as we walked back to the car, the beauty of the beach huts.  Tiny huts and wider huts, new huts and old, painted in seaglass whites, greens and blues.

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