Docklands Light Railway

LDR 1I found that the true beauty of using the Docklands Light Railway to return from our adventures looking at the Tall Ships yesterday was the way the railway track had been elevated on long sections, it was a pleasure to see yet another view of London. LDR 2

Especially when we released we had crossed that footbridge in Canary Wharf just a few weekends earlier. LDR 3

And a snap of Canary Wharf tube station, I know I was mesmerised by the glass canopies and inside it is space aged streamlined metals. LDR 4

But some of the best bits are when we go through the stations and your able to see the structures, LDR 5

I find it quite entrancing and could probably sit on trains all day.

3 thoughts on “Docklands Light Railway

  1. Elaine says:

    Hi Mandy, just want to say I love reading and seeing what you get up to, have done for a long time now. I also had a little cat who looked like yours, she was so affectionate, and had an incredibly loud purr. Bye for now, Elaine


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