Flavoursome Friday – Peach Yoghurt Ice.

I was walking through the local indoor market after swimming when my eye caught huge bowls of peaches going for a pound.  They were glistening with juice and the chap had cut one open to show how beautifully ripe they were, they would not have lasted another day in the heat of the market,  so I quickly bought some and hoped they wouldn’t perish on the way home.  I guzzled three down on the way home!, and then when home I looked at my bounty.  There were eighteen left, they were a good size as well.  The best ones, I popped into the fridge and the ones that had taken the odd knock I popped into a pan to warm with some sugar, allowed the sugar to melt and then took it off again and whizzed with my hand blender. Peach 1

I then separated a couple of eggs and whisked the whites into stiff peaks. Peach 2

and then mixed together with plain full fat yoghurt and the peach pureePeach 3

and froze.

And then later I had this, Peach 4

which was delicious, tangy and fresh.  It has eventually set into something much more solid, but its still gorgeous and it is worth the effort of hacking bits of when in need of a mid afternoon treat.

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