Thursdays Knit and Natter – Crochet blanket finished.

blanket finished 1 blanket finished 2 blanket finished 3 blanket finished 3-2Just a quick post, I’ll try and get some photo’s in daylight for the weekend, and there are about three rows of ends still to sew on the wrong side, but essentially it is finished.  I’ve crocheted and sewn in for about twenty five hours in the last two days – so I’m slightly knackered…  But I just needed to get this done, before it drove me crackers!

I love it. It sings to me as much as I knew it would, the colours are just so lovely.  The weight of it feels so snuggly, the wool keeps you toasty warm and the size is just perfect to snuggle under, its wide enough for two sitting and long enough for one lying (its over 6ft 6″) so very useable for the taller members of our family.  Its just perfect.

One thought on “Thursdays Knit and Natter – Crochet blanket finished.

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh I just love it and want it!! 🙂 I bought the yarn for mine yesterday but had a complete change of heart with colours. I will take pictures of my yarn and send to you!


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