Meatless Monday – Mushroom egg fried rice.

If I am cooking rice, I often cook more than I need, sometimes by design, often by mistake.  But I am never sad about that mistake as if probably looked after cold rice can be a useful addition to the next meal.  What do I mean by probably looked after, well apparently cooked rice can allow nasty bugs to multiply quite quickly – I’ve had to look this up,  the NHS say that uncooked rice contain spores of the bacteria Bacillus Cereus  so the cooked rice should be cooled quickly, refrigerated and then used up within 24 hours, reheating thoroughly.  How those containers of cooked rice sat in my local supermarket for days on end get on I’ve no idea.

Anyway back to the storyline.  Having looked after your cooked rice properly, it makes a great basis for a meal.  I often cooked an egg fried rice with a vegetable in it, even if thats only an onion or a  handful of peas.  I quite like courgettes and mushrooms are great, peppers can be yummy and lightly boiled broccoli lends a lovely freshness to the dish and if your really lucky beansprouts are just simply divine.  I always start with the aromatics of garlic, ginger and onion by frying them, then stir fry the vegetable, next stir fry the rice with soy until its super hot , beat the egg with a dash of sesame oil.mushroom egg fried rice

Then add the egg at the side and scramble it, it will happen very quickly in a hot pan and then mix it all together and supper is served. mushroom egg fried rice 2

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