War Horse

During the summer I went to see War Horse. I can’t remember where I eventually tracked down a very cheap ticket but I did check out exactly where I would be sitting and if this would be a good seat – it was.  Theatre Monkey have an amazing website that lists best seat info for practically every seat in a London Theatre.  It also has seating plans and day seat information and how to go about getting a cheap ticket at the last minute, not as easy as you might imagine, but at least you stand a small chance with this sort of information at your fingertips.

I loved War Horse, as soon as young Joey clip clopped onto the stage, I knew we were in for a real treat.  He breathed.  His rib cage went up and down as he was breathing – he was alive.  It was wonderful, his ears moved and twitched, he had that new born foal way of trying to control his unsteady legs and he was a lovely, lovely character, in a natural way, not a Disney way.

And when the actors are perched astride the huge horses who are careering around the stage, you are under no illusion that you are watching puppets, they are real horses up there.

I would go and see it again and again and again…  Its an emotional story, the story line keeps your attention.   Its on at the New London Theatre in Hoborn, which is a modern build Theatre, meaning there isn’t really a bad seat in the house, the seats are more than big enough and row E has amazing leg room, although you do have actors racing past,  which can be both a bit startling, but also make you realise how right in the middle of the action your seat is.

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