White Cat.

I came home one evening to find this beautiful creature looking rather sad and sorry for herself and meowing at next doors front door.  It was pitch black and raining and I gaily encouraged her into conversation, she wouldn’t come near but she did tell me she was hungry, when next doors front door opened and out came my neighbour carrying her supper.White Cat 1

During the conversation that ensued I learnt that her owner had been unable to cope with this mortal life and that his family had said they would come and collect the cat, three weeks ago!  During that time she had been living rough, had had two kittens which the foxes got and was looking very upset and thin.  She was completely spooked, won’t go near enough to people to get caught but will eat food and had started to take a shine to next door.  So I popped into the house and came out with 14 sachets of cat food, which my rather spoilt cat turns her nose up at, just to keep her going and talked about the good works that North London Cats Protection League do and how they might be able to help, when my neighbour gets her confidence and can catch her. White Cat 2

And then she started to come into our back garden, so I thought I would just give her a bit extra, see if she wants it.  Three sachets and a couple of handfuls of dry cat food later in 24 hours she stopped eating.  And that was besides what everyone else was giving her.  White Cat 3

Toile lets me know when she is about, I hear this Proowww sound come from her and I know the white cat is within vision.White Cat 4

Bless her, she has got sunburnt ears. White Cat 5

Fully fed, off on her travels.

Since these photo’s were taken I have stopped feeding her as I have learnt that she has now started to go in and sleep inside our neighbours home.  This is wonderful news as they will really start to bond and I wouldn’t want to upset that.  I really hope she has found her forever home.

4 thoughts on “White Cat.

  1. Jenny says:

    I hope they will get her spayed. Poor female kitties who aren’t spayed. What an awful life they lead.
    I am trying to trap (Live trap) our cat Annie’s mum. I see her every day and I leave lots of food out but she’s been feral for at least four years that I know of. She won’t come within fifty feet of us but I keep hoping she’ll go in to the trap.


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