Phantom of the Opera

During the summer I managed to get a reasonably priced ticket (not as cheap as War Horse) to see Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesties Theatre.   Again I used Theatre Monkey to check my seat out and found that I needed to purchase one that was nearer the front of the stalls so as not to miss the chandelier scene.  I love the fact that Theatre Monkey wrote about both the theatre and how the seating would affect the play that one had chosen to see. The musical was magnificent, the seats were a nightmare.   Its an old theatre and you are cramped in and my row of seats had this unusual feature where you felt you were tipped back, very weird.Would I go back, absolutely.

It was amazing.  The woman next to me said she came twice a year to see it and explained how much she enjoys it.  After I’d seen it, I could see why, the sets, the opera, you just never knew what was going to come next, as I said, amazing.

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