Flavoursome Friday – Chicken and Mushrooms in a Pesto Sauce.

Roast Chicken is a thing of beauty – well this one isn’t, this one looks a very sad sight thanks to the foil sticking. Chicken 1

But nevertheless it was succulent and tasty and was just what I needed.  Having only one leg missing from the bird I have quite a lot of left overs – its never a problem but it can get a bit samey.  So I decided to try a pesto version of a sauce to go with my chicken.  I roughly chopped some mushrooms, fried them off, added some cooked chicken, a couple of good handfuls of Kale and added a small jar of basil pesto, whilst trying not to look at the calorie count. Chicken 2

It was quick and delicious and I served it with some steamed basmati rice.

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