Flavoursome Friday – Tuna, tuna and more tuna.

If anyone had told me that I would love raw fish when I was growing up I would probably have replied with a very loud ‘Eeeewww’.  And certainly being landlocked in the middle of leafy Warwickshire Sushi wasn’t on the menu anywhere.  But overtime and being willing to give anything a go I found myself popping those lovely little mounds of rice topped with raw fish and a little smear of green wasabi into my mouth without a second thought – they were delicious.

Now I am in London – I can’t afford Sushi, well not as often as I’d like, but John Lewis have their food hall which is fabulous and I often wander in, about once a week, for a glass of wine in the almost hidden, not advertised to the outside world, wine bar and then a little shop around to find something delicious for a simple supper. Tuna 1

This time I found a packet of cubed tuna, (its about a third of the price of a tuna steak and is normally sold out!) a packet of potato salad, a little gem and some cherry tomatoes later with the added garnish of some pickled ginger and a home made french style dressing, supper is served.

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