geraniums 1It was time to sort out the geraniums before the frosts get to them.  That sentence almost makes me sound like I know what I am doing, I really don’t.  I am definitely an allotment kind of girl, I am learning about the growing of plants and flowers, and there is alot to learn.

But I do know that geraniums are very tender and the frost will kill them.  So I decided on two plans of attack.

Firstly, geraniums 2

cutting the plants back, gently knocking off surplus soil and rolling them in newspaper and then putting into a box for the winter.  If I had a cellar this would be wonderful, as it is, they will go into a spare room which will most probably be much too warm for them and they will all die.  But you never know.. one or two may survive which I could use for cuttings in the spring.

And my second plan, geraniums 3

was to take cuttings which is the first time I’ve ever taken cuttings.   Apparently geraniums flower more abundantly on young plants, so if these work, or the majority of them work, that will give me a good start in the spring. geraniums 4

I covered them with cling film and they will be peering through this to try and get enough of the winter sun to survive.  I then planted a few crocus and tulip bulbs in the pots and went around pulling up the last of the beetroot. geraniums 5

I think some of this is most probably woody.  I am going to cook the small beets first, see how these go and take it from there. geraniums 6

Had a quick tidy up and then treated myself to a big handful of sage, which I love the smell more than the taste and placed a final flower bud from the geraniums, a little something to pretty up the room.


3 thoughts on “Geraniums.

  1. Jenny says:

    You look as if you know what you’re doing more that I ever did or do! It will be interesting to see what has happened to all the cuttings in the spring!


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Yes it will, the cuttings are inside on the kitchen window sill which doesn’t get much light, so lets hope they survive. I’d be ever so pleased if they did because I really love the shade of red that this geranium has.


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