It’s Monty !

I was in John Lewis one evening when there was a call, a call that made me giddy deep inside my belly and one that made me giggle out loud.   Would we like to go and see Monty in his Roof Garden, would we?, you bet we would.

The garden was cool and quiet and very beautiful as the trees twinkled in the dark of the night. John Lewis 2

And Monty was his usual well attired self. John Lewis 1

Showing off his hosting skills to good use. John Lewis 5

Free wine tastings.  John Lewis 4

There was biscuit making, I wowed them with my use of subtlety . John Lewis 3

And Monty’s personal home to rest in with the use of warm hand knit Rowan yarn blankets and deep cushions on which to relax. John Lewis 6

And then of course the views, oh the views..  Oxford Street at its finest. John Lewis 7 Another magic moment.

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