New Years Eve London 2015

Hubby and I fulfilled one of our long held dreams this year, to watch London’s New Years Eve fireworks by the Thames.  New Years Eve 2015 1

We did suffer for our art, our timed tickets let us in between 7.00 p.m and 9.30 p.m.  and although I wanted to test the system and get there quite a bit later, hubby wanted to stick to the rules, and he won.  So we were on our feet for over four hours , which we felt.  But the atmosphere was wonderful and now we can say, ‘yep, done that’.New Years Eve 2015 2

As you can see, even with only 100 thousand ticket holders, it was very crowded. New Years Eve 2015 3

The shard had moving lights and an illuminated count down. New Years Eve 2015 4

A quick Selfie and then….New Years Eve 2015 5

The fireworks began.

And just so that you too can get a flavour of it.



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