Trafalgar Square, Chinese New Year.

I tootled off to Trafalgar Square to see the celebrations of the Chinese New Year 2015.  No one can decide whether its the year of the Ram, Sheep or Goat, personally being a knitter I’m favouring  the sheep, much more useful, although I’m not averse to a skein of mohair either.

The lion’s were amazing,  jumping from pillar to pillar, you forget that there are two chaps inside this costume and they are so high up, you can just about see the faces of the people at the bottom of the photographs.

These photographs are cropped severely, I chose a lightweight lens, knowing it would be so busy, I need to get there much earlier to get a closer view.  And my camera was playing up, although in manual, it was switching to a very low shutter speed, my little fingers were going ten to the dozen trying to keep up with what it was doing.  And being in the middle of Trafalgar Square there was no way I could find out what was going on, so I just did the best I could, I’ve later found out I had accidentally switched the bracketing on, so hopefully that problem is solved.

Anyway, Enjoy.

dragon dragon 2 dragon 3 dragon 4 dragon 5 dragon 6 dragon 7 dragon 8 dragon 9 dragon 10 dragon 11 dragon 12 dragon 13 dragon 14 dragon 15


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