Rosemary, lemon and garlic chicken.

Sometimes the simple things are the best.   I think there is very little to beat a roast chicken, that has been tended with love, fresh from the oven.  And if that love has included a lemon, a fresh sprig of rosemary just picked from the garden and handfuls of garlic with just a sprinkle of sea salt, all the better. lemon garlic rosemary chicken 1 lemon garlic rosemary chicken 2 lemon garlic rosemary chicken 3 lemon garlic rosemary chicken 4

The left over chicken, chicken carcass and garlic that was just a little bit too crunchy, I simmered for a couple of hours and it turned into the most delicious richly flavoured stock.  I squeezed out the remaining garlic and made a fresh chicken and vegetable soup with young carrots, an onion and handfuls of spring greens, just perfectly vibrant and fresh for the start of spring.

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