Linen Blouse.

The linen blouse toile is finished taken from Burda 7670, view B.

blouse 4 blouse 3 blouse 2 blouse 1

Not too bad, and on the fit model… blouse 6 blouse 5

The front edge needs stabalising, the hip area needs tweaking, although the pattern does suggest that gap in the front.  There are a few tweaks to make, but generally the length is good on me as are the shoulders and arm length, so it has the start of a very good pattern for me and I really like the construction of the collar, which I think goes well with my addition of cufflink cuffs.

Now to keep on the theme of my New Years Resolution of finishing items I have already started, just a couple of jumpers to finish knitting and a waistcoat and summer top to finish sewing and I should be there, oh and socks, lots of socks started.  I am thinking I’ll finish in June.  That’s if I don’t get side tracked with dressing gowns and pyjama bottoms – again!


2 thoughts on “Linen Blouse.

  1. Linda Wirth says:

    Beautiful job on the linen blouse. Love your blog. Could you tell me where you got the dress form. I love to sew but I think it’s time to invest in a dressmaker form. Thank you.


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