Another day at London Zoo.

Son no.1 came down to London to see me yesterday and we had an amazing time at London Zoo.  We walked around from 10.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. and then walked the twenty or so minute walk through Regent Park to get to the tube to go to Soho for a meal.  It was at this point he begged for mercy he wanted to eat at Euston and go home, I’d worn the poor boy out.  Mind you I felt pretty tired, but this was the sixth out of seven days that I have been trotting around, so I’ve had a day off wandering around London today.

We really did have the loveliest of days and so much laughter, I hope we do it again soon.

The zoo is the most wonderful place to practise photography, one is  moving from dark to light, fast moving to stock still almost continuously.  I think I am learning,  probably not but it’s fun trying.  I only take one lens, the bag becomes heavier by the hour, I find the 85mm is a nice lens and lets in a lovely amount of light, I’ll have lots of time to practise with other lenses as we’ve become members so we will be able to trot along quite regularly, now I have the time.

Hope you enjoy the latest batch of photos.

One thought on “Another day at London Zoo.

  1. Carie says:

    Oh such pretty pictures – I love the penguins, they’re so little and cute. My little nephew was very taken with them so now he has a birthday cuddly penguin and a birthday penguin plate and cup and bowl – someone caught Grandpa in a very good mood!


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