Laundry Bag.

One thing that has been missing of late in this place of mine was a laundry bag.  I was using a straw basket bought from a French market when it came to town but that was cast aside and put into the bin when it got the blame for housing moths eggs and allowing a draw full of socks to become contaminated, resulting in breathtakingly large holes.   I’m sorry I haven’t been able to talk about it, it was just too painful, but safe to say I got the outbreak under control and fingers crossed non of the little critters survived my onslaught with the moth killer and judicious use of the freezer, sometimes in tandem.

And this idea has been trundling along, so today I glanced at my stash and having found a very pretty fabric, set too and made this.

Laundry Bag 1























A very simple laundry bag.Laundry Bag 2

Which looks very pretty next to my lovely dressing gown.




















When it gets too heavy to hang because its full of washing, it can be perched in the corner and still look pretty. Laundry Bag 3

A couple of weeks ago I was messing around one evening and made these, a couple of make up/knitting socks bags. Toiletry Bag 1Toiletry Bag 2

I was just exploring how to insert a zip that included a lining by machine.  I think they came out reasonably well and donated them to the community library were I meet for knitting to help raise funds, hopefully they sold.

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