Tower of London

Whilst admiring the views at Sky Garden I realised just how close the Tower of London was and being a member of HIstoric Royal Palaces and trying to tick them off  decided to pop along as I hadn’t seen it for a fair few years.  There were as many steps as I remember but being a tad taller I was able to see over the ramparts, which made it much more enjoyable as I really hadn’t enjoyed that particular school trip.  A quick trip around, a gawp at the crown jewels and then it was time to head off to do some shopping.  I’ll come back another day and explore further, but until then, enjoy the photos.


4 thoughts on “Tower of London

  1. Carie says:

    Ooh so pretty – I’ve never been although I’ve had a lot of meetings with a client in the offices near it – I’ll have to put it on the one day list!


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