Gypsy top.

I popped into John Lewis, as you do –  we all know its my second home in London – and spotted this lovely pattern, Burda 6950, a button front gypsy styled top,  which I thought would be a good excuse to use some of my lighter weight cotton fabrics to give me some nice floaty summer tops to wear.

I bought this batik in Stratford upon Avon at Fred Winter’s and have long since forgotten the price, I bought 2 metres.  The pattern called for more and I was lucky to squeeze the pattern onto the fabric, I mainly did this by ignoring the instruction to place the neckline casing on the bias and risked it on the straight.   I looked at the neckline, worked out that it wasn’t that big a curve and went for it, it was fine.  This is my first draught, or a toile by any other name, and you know I always do my toiles in a wearable fabric as life’s too short to make it up in calico/plain cottons, so lets have a look at it.  burda gypsy top 5

Finished result.  Mmm, I need a little extra fabric from the neckline  to the raised waistline to accommodate me.  When I looked at the tissue patterns I nearly added it there and then, and I should have done, it also shows how far I have come that I can now look at patterns and realise that I need to make that little tweak.  Its only an inch, but it would make all the difference.  I also think adding a little bit on the shoulder, maybe half an inch, would make it feel more secure/comfortable in everyday wear.   I like the skirt of the blouse, but if I were to lengthen it to make the dress, (I’d need to add extra length)  I’d like it just a little bit more flouncy.  And that is enough to achieve by splitting and opening up the pattern. burda gypsy top 1

Again you can see maybe the back needs to be a little bit longer, just to bring the back neck up a little. burda gypsy top 4

burda gypsy top 3

Details are sweet, two different widths of ribbon to add contrast. burda gypsy top 2

And then the waist ribbon removed, so that I can tighten the neckline to allow me to wander out and about without fear of showing a little too much.

Its fun and it will be perfect in the warmer weather.

4 thoughts on “Gypsy top.

  1. Carie says:

    It’s very pretty – though I can see what you mean about wanting a smidge more in the top half for comfort – you know it would look very pretty made up in a Liberty print….!


  2. Ruth says:

    Thank you for doing your review on this pattern…I’m just about to make this one too and always have a little search on Google to see if anyone else has done the patterns I like….and up popped your blog… like your fabric choice too


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