A touch of wholemeal.

Having run out of bread yesterday I needed to get some going rather more quickly than is possible with sourdough.  I’ve really been enjoying the sourdough and it has had the effect that I simply can’t eat commercial bread at the moment – its a bit like socks, I can’t wear commercial socks now my toes have felt the woolly delights of the hand knitted versions.

So my recipe today was,

500 grams of bread flour, of which 375g was white and 125g was wholemeal.

10g salt

10g dried yeast

350 ml (weighed rather than measured) of blood heat water.

I mixed it all together with my dough hook on the Kenwood until the gluten was nice and stretchy,  let it rest for an hour until it had doubled in size, gently knocked back and shaped, let it rest for another half an hour, dusted with flour and slashed it with a serrated bread knife and then popped it into the preheated for half an hour oven at 250 c, for ten minutes, turning the temperature down to 190 c for another 15 minutes, during the last five minutes you need to check on your bread.  All ovens are different and you might need to ventilate your oven, or let it cook for longer – I know my oven runs a bit hot.

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