The Garden in May 2015

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago before heading off to leafy Warwickshire, I’d best post them before I need to update them.

The lawn is looking patchy as creeping buttercup threatened to overtake the lawn and the border – cleverly identified from a smudgy photo sent to Noelle, so I’ve added a couple of plants in the big gaps in the border and am dabbing the weeds in the lawn with roundup, once a week.  The new plants came from a shop I spotted and went back in search of some weeks later, I found it and came back on the tube overladen with plants. I love London, the competition keeps the prices down, 6 perennials and 6 annuals all of a good size for £23.00.

I am very pleased that the white lilac is just starting to flower, this means it will survive in the dark corner I poked it in as it will only flower when the branches hit sunlight and I wondered whether it would die before it managed to do that.

We put up an archway and will have a purple and a white passion flower on one side with an outdoor jasmine on the other.  Various types of clematis and climbing roses will adorn the shed and climb through the lilac.

There is still the end corner to do, but when you consider there wasn’t even a blade of grass in this garden two summers ago, we haven’t done too bad.

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