Bubbles Man – Exhibition Road.

After visiting the Serpentine Pavilion I decided to head to the underground and went completely the wrong way ending up walking along Exhibition Road, when I came across the most amazing Bubbles Man. (I have no idea of his name, but to me he will always be Bubbles Man)  Oh it was fun to sit and watch and put my camera into otherwise unknown super fast shutter speeds to freeze the action.

Bubbles 8 Bubbles 9 Bubbles 10 Bubbles 11 Bubbles 12 Bubbles 13The way the bubbles changed shape was simply mesmerizing.  Bubbles 5 Bubbles 6 Bubbles 7

As you might imagine the children loved the huge bubbles, they were often drenched with the soapy water when the bubbles popped. It was surprising just how much water the bubbles held,  the children weren’t going to need much scrubbing come bath time. Bubbles 14 Bubbles 15 Bubbles 16 Bubbles 17

And the teamwork was just wonderful.Bubbles 18 Bubbles 19 Bubbles 20

There were unspoken but immediately formed coalitions.

And sometimes just sometimes,  Bubbles 21 Bubbles 22 Bubbles 23 Bubbles 24

There was one that got away, for a few seconds of unadulterated pure hedonism. Bubbles 25

Until the inevitable happened, and it too went Pop !

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