Hyde Park.


Remember the day when I got hopelessly lost in Hyde park. At the end of it all I took a photograph of the park and found I’d been lost in that big expanse of green, which bit of the expanse of green with the crisis cross pathways I have yet to discover.

It mostly looked like this. Which wasn’t very helpful.  Along with Hyde park being a lot bigger than I had imagined combined with being mostly on the flat, it gave no clue as to where one was.  (Well to me it didnt)

There  were times that I came across some lovely floral displays – before being steered in the wrong direction again.

Let’s  just say the kindness of strangers is not always a benefit, especially if they only hear the word Serpentine.





One thought on “Hyde Park.

  1. Carie says:

    I’m glad you’ve got a map now!! And yes, the chances of finding someone in Hyde Park who knows where they are is rather slim!!


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