Two Tates and a River Trip.

I am immersing myself in London culture at the moment, which for me means running around like a headless chicken trying to catch up with a few exhibitions before they disappear, this week it was time to visit the Tates. For some reason I find the Tates a little bit difficult to get to, it may just be that I haven’t quite got the route set into my brain.  I was at Oxford Circus already as I’d said hello to the knitting group in John Lewis and found that I could take the 88 bus in Regent Street south (opposite Apple, just a bit down) to Tate Britain, I nearly jumped for joy, that sounded much easier than what I had planned. And sure enough it dropped me just around the corner and even told me exactly which stop to get off, that would be the Tate Britain stop then.

I really enjoyed seeing Barbara Hepworth’s work but I was in deep happiness to study Ben Nicholson’s paintings, I just loved them.  I’d not come across his work before, you must have a peek if you see it, its just gorgeous.

I then decided to take the river boat to get across to the Tate Modern, it seemed like it would be much easier and after trying it, I’ll always do it that way, it certainly takes the strain off and it was a very enjoyable part of my day out.

At Tate Modern I caught up with The World Goes Pop, which was interesting, I am not a great lover of Pop Art, some of the really good stuff I find interesting, quite a lot of it gives me no emotional response.

But then I trotted over to see Agnes Martin’s work and that I loved. I think I walked around that gallery three times, and some pictures I spent along time over.  Mainly in them I saw quilts, or the idea for a quilt, but sometimes and it was very strange, just looking at simple blocks of colour turned into seeing in my minds eye children laughing on a sandy beach in bright blue sunshine with ice creams and a sea breeze.  I really think I ‘got’ her work.  Just being able to see your minds eye and its emotional response to blocks of pastel colour was most interesting.

I then caught the river bus back to the Embankment tube station to jump back into the underground system and homewards bound I went.

I’ll leave you with a few piccies of my river trip. Enjoy.

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