Just Playing…

I must apologise for my lack of blog posts of late, the main reasons for not posting have been that I have been running around London popping into various exhibitions, combined with sock knitting and some deeply therapeutic sewing, and my blogging mojo just got mislaid.

So I’m going to try and catch up in the next couple of weeks, and to that end I’ll show you what I was sewing last week.

This is Vogue v1385 a lovely blouse that fits like a dream and I can see many more of these being made for my wardrobe, I already have the fabric for at least another three – I’m not sure about the time though.  I wouldn’t say it was a fiendishly difficult pattern, but one did need to take the time to mark thread the darts, especially around the collar and cuff, the thread marking alone took me one whole evening.

It was an enjoyable process and I really like the length of the sleeves, there is something about a three quarter length that I’ve always enjoyed wearing and the way the shoulders fall is rather pleasing too, I altered the length to fit me, being taller than the average bear.  In a critical moment I can see where a millimeter or two taken away from the upper chest where mine is slightly concave and so there is a gnats whisker surplus fabric could be achieved, but this is rather picky and I’ll probably just leave it.  Overall I think its a pretty good fit.

Its made in a tana lawn cotton, I do so love a cotton shirt.  I’d tramped around Richmond Park before these photos were taken so its a little creased, but it is a pleasure to wear. Vogue blouse 1

Vogue blouse 2

Vogue blouse 3Vogue blouse 4I just love that little bit of humour that I feel drawn to include into my sewing, on this occasion a very sweet cat button caught my eye and I just had to include it.

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