Chesterton Windmill.

Last time I was home in Warwickshire son no.1 and I had a couple of days out to see what we could see. I fancied having a closer look at Chesterton Windmill as I’ve been driven past it since I was knee high to a grasshopper, yet never convinced anyone – and trust me I’ve tried – to go and and have a look at it, but son no.1 jumped at the idea, so off we went.Chesterton Windmill 9

The windmill is truly beautiful both in the distance and close up. It was built in the 17th century, about 1632 and stands high on a hilltop, near the Fosse Way, a Roman road that links Exeter to Lincoln, approx 230 miles long. (That would make an interesting mini holiday wouldn’t it – forget Route 666, lets do the Fosse Way!) Chesterton Windmill 8

Its sandstone construction has with the help of three major reconstructions to keep the sails in good order stood the test of time. Chesterton Windmill 3

One wonders what it would have been like to work this mill, whether the miller would have been lonely or inspired, Chesterton Windmill 5

by the lovely views surrounding them. Chesterton Windmill 4

Whatever it was, it would be lovely to hear the sound of the Chesterton Windmill 6

millstone spinning slowly around once more, whilst watching the finely milled flour shuffle towards an opened sack. Chesterton Windmill 2

We spent an hour, wandering around, talking, laughing and enjoying the touch of a slightly cold wind whip up the hill. Chesterton Windmill 10

It was good to spend time, together, Chesterton Windmill 7

just us two.

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