Coffee – Caffe Concerto.

On Sunday after much adventuring we stopped by Caffe Concerto in Northumberland Avenue, just off Trafalgar Square for a very welcomed treat. Hubby chose coffee, which he declared delicious and as I can’t drink coffee that late in the day, it was 8p.m., I’d have been flying all night with the tawny owls, I settled on a restorative glass of strawberry and prosecco rossini, which was as hoped, delightful. We had gorgeous cakes, after a 7.5 mile hike around London we thought we had earned the calories and a very pleasant hour was spent listening to a duet played on a baby grand and a violin.

I know people whinge about Caffe Concerto as being a tourist trap, but really where else is there in the centre of London that isn’t.  The decor is wonderful, we had excellent service, the cakes are lovely, the coffee is good and the prosecco was cold, the atmosphere was just charming and the loos were spotless and they were open for coffee and cake at 8 p.m on a Sunday, what more do you need?cake 1


2 thoughts on “Coffee – Caffe Concerto.

  1. Jenny says:

    That cake looks incredibly delicious! The windows are spectacular and I’m so happy to read that you have a new ‘lightness’ about you! I know exactly what you mean as I feel the same. It was a conscious decision to let go of things I can’t control.
    Happiness is so important in our live and inner happiness more important that anything because we can’t have inner peace without it.


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