Lime Curd.

I had a quick trip around a local supermarket with hubby just as they were reducing their fresh groceries for a quick sale, when the shop assistant plonked four bags of nice looking limes into the reduced section for two pence a bag. I blinked and then grabbed them.  I was working on the premise that I would worry about what I was going to do with them later.Limes 1

After rescuing two glass jars that were nearly empty washing them and then running them through the dishwasher to sterilise, by far the easiest method, I prepared the limes.  Some recipes call for the rind to be grated, I prefer my curd super smooth. So I squeezed my limes with my teak lime squeezer, it does such a brilliant job, weighed out my sugar, beat my eggs really well, the more you beat them the less risk of solidified white bits and cut my block of cold butter into small cubes and measured out a level dessertspoon (not tablespoon) of cornflour – this just stabilises the mixture and makes it much less likely to curdle.  Then I put all of the ingredients in a saucepan, placed on a medium heat, stirred all the time with a wooden spoon until it thickened, turned the heat right down, let it blip, blip, blip, whilst stirring for another 30 seconds to a minute and turned it off the heat and potted it up.

Limes 2

It made two jars with just enough left over for a taster.  Having seen it settle down, I’d say fill the jars as much as possible, the egg must give it a rise or something because it sinks right down when it is cold.


10 Limes

5 medium eggs

14 oz caster sugar

250g unsalted butter.

1 level dessertspoon cornflour




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