Christmas Wreath

My friend Sarah-Lou said that she would love to make Jack Monroe’s Christmas Wreath and put a call out for scraps of fabrics, well you don’t need to ask me twice for that sort of caper, I mean to say, Christmas, fabric, girlfriends crafting together, whats not to love. Sarah-Lou’s friend gave her lots of lovely materials which were gorgeous – she makes very pretty costumes – and I added some fabric,  so we were all set. Wreath 1

I cut myself a circle out of cardboard, I used a wok lid and a big dinner plate, but you can make yours to whatever size you would like. Wreath 2

I then covered it in silver masking tape.  This is to strengthen it and make it waterproof should it go outside, mine isn’t going outside, I’d rather cherish it from the view from the sofa. Wreath 4

And then the ham came out and I glazed it with orange marmalade whilst the potato dauphinoise was just coming to perfection, after all girls need a good supper too. Wreath 5

There was so much treasure to wade through, it was wonderful, I sent my thanks on to Sarah-Lou’s friend countless times during the evening as we found one exquisite fabric after another. Wreath 6

And then we started to wrap and tie and eventually found our way on what lengths we preferred and how we liked to develop our ideas, a very companionable hour or two was spent, Wreath 7

whilst drinking bubbles. And eventually we had Wreath 8

these.  Aren’t they lovely, I think they are wonderful.  Two lovely Christmas wreaths, made from scraps, with love.

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