Window Shopping – Barber & Parlour, E2.

Whilst wandering around Shoreditch I found this wonderful looking building,Barber & Parlour 1

What could be in here? Well after having coffee at Counter Albion  I was game on to try and find out. Barber & Parlour 2

How interesting. Barber & Parlour 3

And then as you walked into the foyer area you found them selling fresh fruit and vegetables. So cute!  Barber & Parlour 4

There were two bars serving gorgeous looking food, cakes and drinks and in every direction there was something different. This is the nail bar, Barber & Parlour 5

and this is the corner for purchasing beautiful things for the home. Barber & Parlour 7

Another corner to relax in with a drink. Barber & Parlour 6

And beauty products to buy. Barber & Parlour 8

Upstairs was a beauty parlour and hairdressers.  And I thought that was all, but on the way out I saw this, Barber & Parlour 9

and the manager asked me if I’d like to have a look, I replied I would love to quite enthusiastically. Barber & Parlour 10

And low and behold there was a beautifully appointed cinema downstairs. Comfy chairs with a blanket each with charming tables and scattered with lights, it was gorgeous, what a wonderful place to watch a film with friends.  I think Barber & Parlour would be the perfect place  for a bit of pampering, a tasty lunch, a gorgeous cocktail or two and to spend a few hours catching up with friends, whilst snuggling under a blanket watching the latest blockbuster – the new Star Wars film perhaps.

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