Gingerbread men.

A couple of days before Christmas I made a batch of Gingerbread men, women and hearts. Gingerbreadmen 2

And popped them into a biscuit tin so that my evil plan could unfold on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, although in London, hubby was a tad busy helping son no.2 with some revision, but at 6.00 p.m. I called time and ushered him into the living room.  Gingerbreadmen 1

Where he was met with a myriad of coloured icing, sparkly balls and multicoloured chocolate treats.Gingerbreadmen 3

We filled the icing bags, popped the cork of a bottle of bubbles and then the fun began. Gingerbreadmen 4

We did have fun, hubby working on a Hipster! Gingerbreadmen 5

And I do love stripey socks in all mediums. (as well as very flamboyant waistcoats!)Gingerbreadmen 6

I especially love the ginger jazz player with the white jazz hands and blue hair, Toile and hubby’s hipster. Gingerbreadmen 7

And in these I think the reindeer is inspired and I love the rainbow dress with gold sparkly shoes. Gingerbreadmen 8And on occasion, there was a little 3d experimentation. Gingerbreadmen 9

Tucked away ready for Christmas.  I must say the amount of icing we used did make the Gingerbread go a tad soggy!  But we didn’t care. I think this is going to be one of our new to us traditions, it really was the best of times.

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