Pelicans, St James’s Park

As you gently wander around St James’s Park you encounter a multitude of wildlife which include squirrels, waterfowl and woodland birds in very good numbers, but it’s when you round the corner to the Duck Island Cottage that your woken with a start from you meanderings. For there are four gorgeously white Pelicans, all in their long beaked feathered glory.  I saw them last year in the bleak mid winter on a particularly cold day and promised I would come back at feeding time.  It must be something I like to do, wander through parks in the winter, because here I was back on another very cold day in January but this time, timed to near perfection, only a half hour wait, for feeding time. It was very comedic watching them spread their large throat patches whilst trying to catch the fish, along watching the Herons compete for any stray fish.  I’m coming back in the summer, when its warmer and brighter and I can get faster shots, but at 3.00 p.m. mid January on a cloudy day you are pleading for light.Pelicans 1Pelicans 2Pelicans 5Pelicans 3Pelicans 6Pelicans 7Pelicans 9Pelicans 11Pelicans 8Pelicans 10Pelicans 14Pelicans 13Pelicans 12Pelicans 15

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