Love London, The Shard.

It was a comment from a fellow London photographer that alerted me that The Shard were issuing Love London cards to enjoy unlimited free of charge access to The View for the rest of the year, for the princely sum of £20.16, much less than a ticket for a single viewing – available to London residents only.  But the news came too late and there were huge queues and I thought they would all be sold.  Then later in the week I heard that people had turned up late that day and tickets were still available.  Which got me to thinking, what if there were some tickets left?

I tried to ring them on the Saturday and couldn’t get through and as I lay in bed enjoying my lie in on Sunday,  I thought I would give them a ring, what was the worst that could happen?  So I rang them, as you do, and was told they were releasing another 500 tickets, that day!!!  That stopped the lie in dead in its tracks I can tell you.  Hubby went hunting for passports and documentation to prove we were residents whilst I dived in the shower, 30 minutes later we were out the front door.

Trekking in from London Bridge underground, following the signs for The Shard you are met with this, Shard 1

and then this, shard 2

and it starts to get exciting. Next you surface from the underground, walk across a paved area to go down these, shard 7

and follow that around for a few paces and then we found the queue. shard 3

And we stood and waited for half an hour or so. Producing all of our documentation we were presented with these, shard 4

and we did a little squeal of glee.

Next we were directed to the lifts and we were so very excited, shard 5

and we were met with a rainy day in London.  Apparently The View had just been engulfed in cloud, which I would have loved. Even though its a drizzle day it is still amazing.  Then just as we were leaving,… shard 6

how’s that for a Loo with a View, it did make me giggle.

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