The London Stone.

The London Stone 1As you walk up Canon Street there isn’t much to see being right in the City of London, apart from a small stone cage containing for all intents and purposes a little piece of rock.  But you would be mistaken for thinking that this was an unimportant piece of rock as all our fortunes in London rest upon it.  Like the ravens in the Tower of London our fortunes are tied by superstitions and the survival of this stone. “So long as the stone of Brutus is safe, so long shall London flourish” says the proverb.  This relates back to the myth that this stone was part of an alter by Brutus the Trojan, the legendary founder of London.

Other theories abound, it was a Roman distance marker, part of a prehistoric standing stone, an important point in London leylines or part of an important Roman building of which it is known were on this site.  But one thing is for sure, we simply don’t know, its origins being lost in the midst of time. For me its true meaning is that for over nine hundred years it has been revered as the London Stone in a state of constancy in an ever changing world.  May we never find out its beginning for surely that would truly spell the end.


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