Instant Pot – How to cook a whole chicken.

I thought I would give this a go and it turned out really well. Instant pot chicken 1

First I lightly browned the chicken on both sides in the instant pot using the saute function, added two medium glasses of water, carrots, then I sprinkled salt, freshly cracked pepper and oregano on the chicken.  Next I clamped on the lid, made sure it wasn’t venting, hit the poultry button and adjusted it to 35 minutes., making sure it was on high and walked away. Instant pot chicken 2

Ta Daaa…  I let it naturally vent for 15 minutes before manually venting, it apparently keeps the meat more tender if you do this. Instant pot chicken 3

One chicken, no fuss and the meat was falling off the bone and was soft tender and juicy.

Next, I allowed the chicken to cool off so that I could strip the meat off the bones, then put the bones back in the Instant Pot, and added lots more water and set it manually on pressure cooking, high for an hour and a half.  It made absolutely fantastic stock without the hassle of steaming up the kitchen and it also meant I got two jobs done in one and I only had to wash up the Instant Pot once.  I went to bed, the chicken was stripped ready for use in the fridge, the stock was in the freezer and jobs that normally take two days were done. Brilliant.

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