Homeward Bound.

blossom and sunshine

A few weeks ago, shortly after finishing, but after having had enough days to recover, I came home for a couple of days to see my family.   Hubby and I had organised it so that we did a house swop, so as to give him access to the house with son no. 2 to do a couple of jobs and also to look after Toile.  As at that point she was not completely vaccinated and still too small for the train trip home.     Going home 1

Although I think she had other ideas and wanted to become the traveling cat we hope she will one day become.

carnival 1

This was the weekend of the annual carnival, it was a sweet memory to see the children enjoying themselves. carnival 2The floats were a riot of colour combined with carnival fun, as one would expect from my home town.  My town may be small, compared…

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