Mothers day treats.

This may not be your idea of a Mother’s Day treat, but its certainly mine. Now that I have doubled the occupancy of the mandycharlie household, it allows me to cook with a wider variety of ingredients. Previously a chicken would practically last the week and cooking vegetables for one for a meat and two veg meal is just too much work along with that the vegetables seem less flavoursome and more watery.

So I’ve treated myself to the Riverford veg box.  We used use them before and found them very good and was one of the reasons why we first started our allotment, we loved the fresh veg so much, we thought we would try our hand at growing our own.  Allotments are a thing of the past but the desire for squeaky cabbage and the first pickings of the spring vegetables never goes away. I am a bit of a veg freak, I love all types of vegetables and am quite happy to indulge in the freshest vegetables of the season. Mothers days treats._

So having a lie in on Mothers Day, all I could think about was the bag of mixed salad that was laying in the cooler of the fridge. (Yes I know I’m a bit odd!)  And then it hit me. Mothers days treats. 2

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches with tomato juice and a large slice of the Lemon, Elderflower Drizzle cake we made on Friday – more about that tomorrow.

It was the most perfect of Mother’s Day brunches and has kept us going all day.

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