Wannabe Gastronomy – Banana and Marmalade bread and butter pudding.

We haven’t been eating much bread of late, so I haven’t been baking  and on the rare occasion that a Sunday morning bacon sandwich has been called for hubby has popped to the shop for a loaf of something wrapped in plastic and sliced – Oh the horror!  But even though that commercial bread has entered my home, its not leaving without doing it proper justice.

So eyeing up the ends of a brown loaf that had been sat there for a couple of days and the start of a white loaf that I knew we would never get through, three bananas that were just about to expire from the exhaustion of looking pretty and half a pot of economy marmalade jam bought at Christmas for glazing the ham an idea started to form.

Crusts included I used four slices of brown and four slices of white, heavily buttered and spread with the marmalade and then spread with crushed up banana on top of the marmalade and cut into triangles.

bread & butter pudding 1Arranged browns then whites triangles in an oven proof dish  (or tried to, I made an error half way through!) next beat six medium eggs, added 2 ounces of sugar and then added milk and made up to the 1.5 pt mark on the jug and then slowly trickled that over the luscious triangles to allow the bread to soak up the milk.  You may need more it depends on the size of your dish.  And allowed it to soak for ten minutes.

Popped it into a hot oven for half an hour… bread & butter pudding 2

And it became a thing of beauty. bread & butter pudding 3

It was very yummy, the tang of the marmalade, the comfort of the custard mingling with the banana and the crispy bits on top without any of those dead fly currants  you normally get.

Six to eight portions, price depends on eggs and marmalade used, economy version comes in at approx £2.30, eight portions equals 29p a portion.  Not bad considering most of those ingredients were heading for the bin.

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